The Currency Conversion System

The Dynamic Currency ConversionThe Dynamic Currency Conversion offers a new opportunity to welcome cardholders’ foreigners wishing to make large purchases and prefer to pay by credit card VISA or MasterCard in the currency of their country. Only the cardholders that are on vacation or visiting America for professional reasons, the Dynamic Currency Conversion offers benefits that these customers incentive strongly to visit your company every time they travel in your area. Your foreign customers enjoy the convenience of paying in the currency of their country and see the exact amount of their purchases.


The Dynamic Currency Conversion is easy to use. The cardholder selects the currency with which he wishes to pay for purchases and your POS terminal has the option Dynamic Currency Conversion automatically performs the required calculations. Settlement of all transactions is made ​​in American dollars, which simplifies your reconciliation process. By taking advantage of this program with no upfront fees and recurring your company has a competitive advantage with dynamic currency conversion. In addition, each time a cardholder makes a transaction with Dynamic Currency Conversion, you receive a payment on your monthly statement.

This program will reduce your processing fee with international card transactions and increase your profits through increased sales with foreign customers.




The Dynamic Currency Conversion processes all major world currencies. It is a fully automated process. Your POS terminal with the option Dynamic Currency Conversion does the work for you:


Step 1

Insert or swipe the International card VISA or MasterCard. The system determines the money associated with the card and automatically performs the conversion.

Step 2

The cardholder presses the corresponding terminal to pay in the currency of the country or in the American dollars. The exchange rate is displayed in the upper part of the screen.

Step 3

The cardholder enters their PIN to make a transaction with smart card or sign the receipt to complete a transaction with the read of tape.

Step 4

The merchant completes the payment transaction and gives the customer a copy of the receipt showing the two currencies, the exchange rate and the final price expressed in currency of the cardholder.


After the sale, Credit for each foreign operation treated using the dynamic currency conversion is included in your monthly statement.