Pounds to Dollars Converter

Pound / Dollar mean the exchange rate of the pound in dollar, that is to say the value of a pound expressed in dollar.


 Golden Dollar, Pound SignsTechnical Information on the English currency


As we know all the technical details of the dollar currency, we will detail only those of the British pound. The main features of this currency that has existed for hundreds of years. It appears also as one of the oldest currency in the world.


Symbol: £

ISO code: GBP

Subunit: 100 pence also called penny


The pound sterling, which is the English name of the pound, is the official currency of England, but also throughout the United Kingdom. Indeed, it is as well used in Scotland as in Ireland, but also in Wales.


However, other countries use the word “pound” in case pound for their currencies. Thus Egypt, Sudan and Lebanon have Pound as currency by the name of the country. In order to facilitate the search time, there are converters that are specific to each of these countries.


At the foreign exchange market, the pound sterling is the third most traded currency on the Forex. The dollar is the most traded currency with a volume of around 90% of trade, following the euro and the pound sterling.


Again, the most traded equity remains the euro / dollar, followed by the Dollar / Yen.


Exchange rate GBP/Dollar


As the currency market is constantly changing, the exchange rate between the two currencies varies each time. For example, here’s a quick summary of the recent history between the British Pound and the dollar.


Highest: 1.6272 USD on 20 Dec 2012.

Average: 1.5897 USD over this period.

Lowest: 1.4904 USD on 12 Mar 2013.