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The pound/ dollar price


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– Highest: 1.4981

– Lowest: 1.4893

– Opening: 1.49035


Dollar/British Pound is the value of the Pound Sterling expressed in dollars. British Pound / U.S. Dollar therefore denote the exchange rate of the Pound in Dollar, that is to say the value of the British currency expressed in U.S. currency.

According to ISO 4217, the notation used is GBP / USD, but there are others, such as GBPUSD or GBP-USD.


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The exchange rate of the British Pound against the U.S. Dollar (GBP / USD) is called by the traders: the cable. This name comes from the transatlantic cable installed in 1866 between London and New York to achieve trade.


Exchanges realized on the GBP / USD up 9.04% of the volume of transactions carried out on the Forex, or 360 billion U.S. dollars processed each day on this pair.


The monetary policies of the Bank of England (BoE) and the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) have a great influence in the development of over GBP / USD, through the adjustment of their interest rate director.