Dollars Conversion

Dollar ConversionIn 1793, in the city of Philadelphia, seventeen years after the adoption of the Mint Act, the first American coins emerge. However, it seems that the famous greenback has made ​​its debut on the financial scene in 1861. The U.S. dollar has boomed after the Second World War. Subsequently, thanks in part to its investment abroad, it has become international payment currency and reserve currency.


This status, that the rest of the world has long coveted, tends to take on a new tangent to the strength of other currencies, and to the will of other international powers, especially Asian countries to diversify their currency portfolio. The reign of the U.S. dollar may be drawn to an end, battered by the economic growth of emerging countries. But we will say this is not the first time it finds in a difficult position, it is simply more competition today!


Math conversion


Math! Extraordinary passion for some, bane for others, mathematics is the basis for many of our systems of thought, as well as they are at the origin of several structural patterns of our societies. It is in Mesopotamia, approximately 8000 BCE the first computing systems (calculi) appeared. There were stones of different sizes and different colors, with different values.


The concepts of quantity and numbers were then obtained thinkers solid foundation to expand their vision of the universe. Pythagoras, 600 BC. J.C, discovered irrational values, then 200 years later, Aristotle advanced the concept of infinity. In the 16th century the use of continued fractions instituted while Leibniz and Newton invented calculus. The numbers we use today come from the Arabs at the time of Moorish Spain.




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