Currency Conversion

Transactions of currencies

Currency ConversionConvert Pounds to Dollars has launched the Currencies equivalence feature to facilitate payments between its users outside the United States. It is pleased to offer advantageous conversion rate compared to other service users.


The latest information on the exchange rates is based on “interbank rate base.” Base rates are established in the interbank foreign exchange sales framework within a global network of banks. Users can rely on these rates, but should not expect to benefit from their interbank transactions involving currency conversions. To get the exchange rates applicable to retail, please contact your financial institution or your local Exchange organization, or check the rate displayed in your transaction.


Display conversion rates


Some converters still provide information on transactions involving currency conversion. The conversion rate of the currency is displayed whenever you:


– Make a payment in a foreign currency;

– Accept a payment will be automatically converted to your primary currency

– Transfer funds in foreign currency to your local bank account;

– Proceed to transfer funds between balances in different currencies.

In addition, you can check the history of the currency conversion calculations from your previous transactions.


There is no currency conversion for transactions where you:


– Make a payment using a source of supply in the same currency;

– Receive a payment in a currency in which you have a balance (currency balance may be zero);

– Make a transfer of funds in local currency to your local bank account.