Currency Conversion with a Credit Card


What is the Currency Conversion with a credit card?


Currency Conversion with a Credit CardConversion of currency with a credit card is an optional service provided specifically for holders of Visa or MasterCard traveling abroad. It allows you to seamlessly benefit from the currency conversion by paying your rent with your card.


Usually, the bank that issued your card converts each transaction made ​​in a foreign currency in your billing currency and can arrange this service for you according to the terms and conditions thereof.


Now you have a choice that arranges currency conversion with an exchange rate and transparent conditions instead of your bank.


What are the benefits of this service?


The currency conversion with credit card charges you a very competitive exchange rate and exchange fees.


The amount of the transaction is clear on your bank statement in your billing currency, and according to the terms and conditions of your bank, it will include your contract number with the original amount of the transaction (that is to say, in the currency of the country of hire) at no extra charge by your bank.


How to benefit from this service?


If you choose Currency Conversion service with a credit card, your lease will be printed with the following statement: “The final amount charged will be converted into your billing currency.” followed by ISO code and 3 letters identifying the currency in question (for example USD, GBP, and EUR).


If you want to change your mind, you can declare the counter upon return of the vehicle and get your final invoice.

> Inform simply counter agent if you really want to get the Currency Conversion service with a credit card.


If for some technical reason you could not get this service or if you choose to pay in your billing currency, the currency conversion requirements of your bank will apply.

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