Evolution of Exchange Rate: Simplified Explanation

Exchange rates change depending on several factors: – Economic situation of the country issuing the currency; – Prospects of gain in the financial market of the issuing country; – Speculation pure and simple.   First, the dollar has regained some value against the euro, combined for two reasons: – Economic prospects are better in the […]

Dollars through the International Crisis

The resilience of the dollar during the financial crisis   If the crisis is primarily American, she paradoxically strengthened the role of the dollar as a safe haven, given the preference of international economic actors for the dollar. These are the other countries, particularly Asian countries, which have strengthened the exorbitant privilege of the dollar. […]

The Currency Conversion System

The Dynamic Currency Conversion offers a new opportunity to welcome cardholders’ foreigners wishing to make large purchases and prefer to pay by credit card VISA or MasterCard in the currency of their country. Only the cardholders that are on vacation or visiting America for professional reasons, the Dynamic Currency Conversion offers benefits that these customers […]